When The World Is Against You

promoMeet Philippian.

He has to be the most miserable kid in all of Carthage, North Carolina. His only friend, his dad, has been deployed to Iraq and now his mom is pregnant. Ugh. He has one sibling he doesn’t like … or doesn’t like him, rather. Life can’t get any worse.

Then it does. He’s the only kid, and the shortest, in his neighborhood starting New Century Middle school.

Join him as be navigates a new school with new kids – mean, taller kids. Follow his journey as he learns to lean on the only friend he’s ever had.

Angst of the Middle School Newbie is Vol 1 of the Philippian 4:13 series. For a limited time only, purchase it for $6.99. Just click on the picture to purchase.

The Lost Art of a Hand-written Invitation and Thank-you note

When’s the last time you taught your kids to send a hand-written invitation? When’s the last time they hosted a presentation or dinner party and planned the entire thing? What about thank-you notes?

These are things our children need to know. These are valuable life skills they need to know for their future. When applying for jobs and going to an interview, they will need to know how to speak in front of people and how to write a thank-you note afterward. These are things that will help them stand out. The same is true for college admissions. Your kids need to know these things. My kids need to know these things.

With Mr. Row’s Adventures, they will not only learn all about the world through an interactive, hands-on global adventure, but they will also learn valuable life skills.

Here is one example found in our North Carolina Unit Study. This is an excerpt from the study of John White and the Lost Colony. critical thinking


Join in the adventure today. Give your kids a head start in life and the best chance possible at a great future. After all, isn’t that what homeschooling is all about anyway?

Mr. Row’s Adventures

Where Education Begins

Making the decision to homeschool is never one to be taken lightly. You’ll have a ton of questions and even more doubts along the way.

We’ll help.

We’ll bring homeschooling products for you to review, seasoned homeschooling moms for you to chat with, and articles to help you with the toughest job there could be … raising your kids.

If you aren’t homeschooling but would like educational tools to suppliment your child’s income, we can help you too. Join us daily as we talk all things educational!